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esg mission

Building a sustainable, inclusive, equitable community

Elme strives to elevate daily living through sustainable, inclusive, and equitable practices and policies—both within our communities and our workplace.

2023 esg report

Holding ourselves accountable and making an impact

Elme Communities’ policies, practices, and service execution standards are representative of our commitment to environmental sustainability, social impact, and governance that transform our communities for the better. We are reducing our carbon footprint, focusing on fitness and wellness amenities to promote a healthy lifestyle, and participating in charitable programs to give back to our community. Our focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility within the workforce aims to promote an inclusive workplace, where diversity is pursued, welcomed, and promoted. To learn more about our initiatives and our progress, please download our 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance report.

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Our goal: Transform our team, communities, and industry for the better

We set ambitious goals over the next ten years—for our communities and our team members. To promote a positive, inclusive, and sustainable place to live and work, we aim to:

Promote healthy spaces for our team and communities

Offering access to wellness programs and amenities for both residents and employees.

Achieve gender parity and increase ethnic diversity in leadership positions

Providing equal opportunity across all aspects of employment.

Establish the sustainable use of water resources

Starting with reducing water use by 15%.

Pursue efficient and clean energy

Beginning with reducing energy use intensity by 20%.

Foster belonging in our workplace

Promote a workplace with diversity of thought, equitable compensation, inclusive recognition, and respect for work-life integration.​

Build sustainable, safe, and inclusive communities

Leading with education for all team members to build awareness and empathy for the needs of our diverse stakeholders.

Responsibly reduce waste

By providing the infrastructure to support reuse and recycling.

Play our part to mitigate climate change

Including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, and Net Zero by 2050.​

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